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About the Book

Author La’Shawn Janell explores universal life themes that often boil down to our undeniable search for Love, Freedom and Belonging. “Evolution of a Butterfly’s Truth” is a compilation of realities learned through relatable experiences encompassing spirituality, empowerment, love, sensuality, growth and healing.

This book is about truths learned through challenges, triumphs and everything in between. Though these poems are from the lens of one woman, La’Shawn Janell’s writing style speaks to individuals from all walks of life, with various backgrounds and world views. 

This book's purpose is to make one think, ponder, start conversations and most of all, feel encouraged that you too, can make it through any obstacle and speak a story of resilience.

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About the Author

La’Shawn Janell

La'Shawn Janell was born in Chester, PA and raised in the Southeastern region of PA. In 2003, she received a Bachelors of Science in Family and Community Services from the University of Delaware and in 2014, she received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wilmington University. 

A wearer of many hats but those closest to her heart are parenting, counseling and having authentic interactions with others. Therapist, college instructor, model, basketball player and closet DJ are other titles that follow this lover of words. La’Shawn started writing at the age of 14 but did not perform her first piece until age 20 at her alma mater, University of Delaware at an open mic event for an organization called S.P.I.T. (Stimulating Prose, Ideas and Theories). 2007 opened a new world of possibilities and she was encouraged to perform her pieces more consistently in Philadelphia, PA at the Arts Garage, Warmdaddy’s, A Poet’s Art Gallery and many other local venues in Delaware and New Jersey as well. She had the privilege of being one of the opening poets for Celia, of French musical duo “Les Nubians”. La’Shawn was also selected as a feature poet for television show “Conscious Poetry”. 

 Along with performing these personal pieces, La’Shawn was part of the Open Words poet collective and assisted with co-hosting and holding monthly open mic events in PA and NJ. Her writings tend to be personal but encompass a relatability that all can connect to. Throughout her works contain universal life themes that often boil down to our undeniable search for Love, Freedom and Belonging. 

 She is currently a co-owner of Rising Hope Therapy, LLC, a mental health private practice in Delaware. Her work with individuals, couples and families focuses on total mind and body wellness while realizing their innate strengths to persevere and overcome various challenges. 

Welcome To My Truth

Chapter 1: I am Divine.

"...so please shine Your beam over the corners that no one else dare touch.  

Illuminate the dank, foul pieces of me that have spoiled.

Heal me.

Restore me...." 

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Chapter 2: I am Empowered.

"...However, we are just right. 

Brown Sugar, Caramel and Mocha all sweeten the deal, 

Wrapped up in protection from our ancestors - 

Whose journeys have saved us a seat at the table 

Labeled “Excellence Only”....

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Chapter 3: I am Enlightened.

"...However misguided your plight, oh greedy one,

You forget we originated the drum.

That the grooves in the dirt were birthed by our weary feet.

Crossing the sands into a land ironically intended for freedom"

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Chapter 4: I am Loving.

"I want to lay my fears on your chest.

Bare my soul to you and have you clothe me in your security.

Your strength where my hesitance has no home in our cocoon..."

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Chapter 5: I am Sensual.

"...Where our bodies serve as the translator, 

And our frequencies are tuned to the sound of our love for each other. 

Please let me talk to you in this way without any interruption…"

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Chapter 6: I am Evolving.

"...When the sun slumbers does it continue to shine? 

When the moon rests, does it wish it had more time? 

To be mere morsel of what the sun can do… 

Or do both, strong in their own right 

And Just Be."

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Chapter 7: I am Resilient.

"...Despite the fear that sunrise would arrive without him.

He held strong to his flower…

Powerful hands never loosened their grip on hope and the power of prayer.

Layers of doubt washed off with each morning his eyes met another day…"

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